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Better Sex

This book has its focus getting couples to emotionally relate more effectively using Michael Mayer’s nine dynamics. These nine dynamics, when used by both in their relationship, will help bring about a deeper and more meaningful emotional relationship. The heightened emotional intimacy that results in using these nine dynamics enhances the sexual experience. This is a book that can help anyone in a committed relationship. Use it to keep your relationship healthy and alive.

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CD’s by Dr. Mike Mayer

  • Relationships and Marriage CD

    Relationships are a very integral part of our lives.  You have relationships with your parents, your children, your significant other and your co-workers. The relationship of intimate love with another person that results in a committed love is possibly the most significant relationship of all.  When this relationship is healthy, it can positively affect the [...]

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  • Parenting Our Children CD

    Parenting is the most challenging and rewarding privilege we have as adults. This CD will teach the two tasks you need to master to be an effective parent. You will find answers to the questions of “Where did you learn to parent?”, “What are the messages you send when you hit a child?” and “How [...]

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Books by Dr. Mike Mayer

  • The Re-Creation of a Nation Through Real Parenting

    Parenting has implications that reach the soul of a cihld and the heart of a nation. The ways in which you perform your role as parent will have profound impact, not only on your own children, but on the futuer of this country Parenting is the most powerful force there is. It can create a [...]

    Order The re-creation of a nation through real parenting The Re-Creation of a Nation through Real Parenting @ $9.95
  • Choose a Better Road: Tips for Life’s Traffic Jams

    You can choose to live your life in a more emotionally, physically, spiritually rewarding way. The choice is up to you in most cases. This book provides you with simple but effective suggestions on resolving some of life’s road blocks. Choose a Better Road steers you to new insights as you travel down these roads.  [...]

    Order Choose a Better Road: Tips for Lifes Traffic Jams Choose a Better Road: Tips for Lifes Traffic Jams @ $14.95
  • If Only I Had Married Myself

    Will your marriage (relationship) survive? The Greatest Concern to our society today is a lack of emotional intimacy in the marriage relationship.  This “lack” is the main, underlying, cause of marriage and family “breakdowns”, separation and divorce, facing our culture today.  This book confronts this problem squarely and with Compassion for those who are suffering [...]

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Books Featuring Dr. Mike Mayer

  • Speaking of Success – World Class Experts Share their Secrets

    Featuring: Ken Blanchard, Jack Canfield, Michael Mayer, and Stephen R. Covey Do you want to: Unlock your potential Turn your life around Remove mental blocks to success be the success you were meant to be If your answer is yes to any one of these, you need to read this book! Those who choose to [...]

    Order Speaking of Success Speaking of Success @ $19.95

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